Denim Junkie

Denim Junkie
Born 1978. Began Denim Junkie, a website, in 2001 during his graduate years. Ceased operation in 2003. After a period of recharging, became active again in 2005 as The Denim Junkie. Lives in Kojima, Kurashiki-city.

Three years ago, I set foot in Kojima as a complete stranger. The reason I came here was crystal clear; my passion for jeans. However, there were a number of detours prior to reaching this destination with the determination never to turn back.
As a student, I studied architecture. Like any other student, I did the interview rounds looking for jobs clad in a dark blue suit and happened to land a job at a firm in Tokyo. Nevertheless, I was already discouraged on the first day of a one week training program prior to beginning my career. I said to myself, "I don't think I can handle this…". While I can unashamedly write about this today, I completely lost confidence in taking part in this society as a responsible adult. I had seriously thought about living the rest of my life in hiding back then. But, my last resort was "denim."

Influenced by my older cousin, I owned my first pair of jeans when I was in elementary school. (They were called "jee-pan," short for "jeans pants," those days. On top of that, it was an acid wash.) Since that day, I fell in love with denim which has become part of my life. I would disassemble a pair of jeans then put it back together using my mother's sewing machine, ride my bicycle around my neighborhood in them with the hope to accelerate discoloration.I probably seemed like a strange kid in a way. My enthusiasm for jeans continued, and I set up my own website on the subject during my college years.People visited my site and started exchanging comments. "Do you think about making a living out of jeans?" I was confronted with this question at about the time I described earlier when I lost confidence in myself. Those words reached my soul, which was completely lost and confused then.

It's been three and a half years since I moved to Kojima. The plan to move here was triggered by my one-sided love affair, but I'm really glad of my choice. Today, I have made friends with people of various generations and vocations and coming in touch with people instead of material things has a true significance for me. Kojima occupies only a small area but has depth, which I'm still at its edge. I will spend the coming years asking myself whether I am determined to spend the rest of my life here, for the "Relocation Plan" is sure to turn into a "Settlement Plan" before long.