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Ribbon Hai-Tori

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Ribbon Hai-Tori

Kurashiki's Proud Eco Product "Ribbon Hai-Tori (Kamoi Fly Ribbon)"

There used to be one in every household. Hung dangling from a ceiling and quite messy should your hair be caught in it. Fly catch ribbon(sticky fly paper, cut in ribbon shape), a truly primitive product that catches flying flies that fly into the ribbon and stick to its powerful glue.
As a matter of fact, this product was invented by Kamoi Kakoshi Co.,Ltd. whose headquarters is located here in Kurashiki. When they started production in 1930, the product, named "Ribbon Hai-Tori,"dominated the market. However, with the changing times, they were replaced by insecticide sprays, making that tasteful scene of a Japanese household become a thing of the past. To our surprise, this product has survived after 80 years, thanks to demand overseas. Correction: it has not only survived, but it's actually regaining popularity for unexpected reasons.
Current annual production is 25 million. Seventy percent of this product is shipped abroad. Major destinations are North America, Europe, and Asia (used in such facilities as restaurant kitchens and cowsheds on farms rather than in ordinary households). The demand overseas has continued to increase the past few years. The reason is because they are more environmentally friendly than sprays. Ribbon Hai-Tori might regain its popularity for this unexpected reason. That long ago familiar sight of amber-colored tapes dangling from the ceiling may return to Japanese homes. A Ribbon Hai-Tori used at a Thai food stand, as shown these photographs, adds a mysteriously nostalgic impression to the scene.